Why join Ashland Business Connections?

Your best new business prospect comes from a referral: someone who’s been told by a person they know and trust that your business provides superior products or services.

Referrals are the heart and soul of BNI. Our Ashland Business Connections members grow their own businesses by helping other like-minded local professionals build their businesses through referrals. Giver’s gain!

While members often purchase products or services from one another, our main focus is referring people we come into contact with from outside the group to one another. In BNI, your fellow members are your sales force, thinking of you when they are interacting with customers, vendors, friends, and new people they meet. Members are not only ready to hand out your business card but provide credibility with a recommendation, and even better, having that potential customer waiting for your call.

Come visit one of our chapter meetings. You will have the opportunity to network with a friendly, supportive, and talented group of local business people and can find out if Ashland Business Connections is a good fit for you and your business.

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